Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone. Hope you’ve had a wonderful break over the bank holiday, and ate your body weight in chocolate with no regrets.

I am currently house sitting my boyfriend’s cousins’ house, so we are really enjoying the time of being just us two.

I worked a 12 hour shift on Good Friday, then had the rest of the bank holiday off with Tom so that was a nice break. I’ve joined the gym, and am currently on week 9 of eating healthy and it is paying off! I’ve almost dropped one dress size, and although it is a slow process, it means more because for the first time, in a very long time, I am sticking to it and not feeling like a failure when I eat some chips!

I have been going to a Power Pump class which I really enjoy, and swimming too. Feeling really alive, and not laying in until midday on my mornings off anymore. I’m alert, alive and feeling great.

I also was informed about my placement at university over the bank holiday weekend. I am allocated one week in a London College completing health checks on teachers and students, then a 12 week placement on a Gastrointestinal and Liver ward

It is such a release to do my blog and I think it is important to keep my passions going as I don’t want to suffocate underneath a pile of assignments and sphygmomanometer’s!

Have a great day everyone, spring is almost sprung and summer is around the corner.


The long await for placement…

I have been in a whirl wind of theory, simulated practice and lectures since September last year. When you speak to student nurses studying at other universities, they have completed their first placement and some are even on to their second.
Myself on the other hand? I still have another 7 weeks (and a bit) left to wait until I can proudly put my uniform on and get my hands dirty (more than likely, literally).

The whole idea of becoming a nurse was obviously to do the job. I’ve loved university, and till this day I am so happy I chose the university I did. I also can see the logic in the university making their first year students complete 8 months of theory before going on the wards. Comparing a first year student nurse who has studied for 8 months, with another who has studied for 8 weeks – you will notice two very different people.
I relish the fact that we will be a little more equip to judge the care and methods of our mentors, we won’t be too absorbent to copy mistakes.

However I am absolutely desperate now to get my uniform on and be a student nurse. I want to do someones blood pressure and see something other than a normal range, and find out how to stabilise that. I want to measure someone’s peak flow, who isn’t doing the task before I have finished explaining it. My study group have grown incredibly close since September, but where we are all becoming so comfortable with each other – we just do what we do, and thats that.

Since starting university I have met a lot of new people, but I am looking forward to meeting new people and being able to introduce myself as a ‘student nurse’ who is on shift that day. I am fully aware I will encounter patients who don’t feel comfortable with me caring for them because I am a only a student, but that is okay. If I put myself in that position this time last year, before finding out how in depth a nursing degree is, and also how much you learn in a little amount of time – I would be the same.

So the wait carries on, I should in the next few weeks be finding out what hospital from my trust I am allocated for this placement, and also what ward. I will keep you updated as much as I can!

Results day!


I received a 2:1 for all of my assignments. One of my assignments even graded three marks from a First, so I was on cloud nine. I suffer very badly with nerves and I clearly didn’t let them get the better of me. However, going through my feedback forms I have realised how harshly my university mark, so this has given me even more drive to go on and get that First!

Obviously it has been quite a while since I have blogged, nursing is a tough degree. Although if you do your research (via blogs and Instagram) before you start, you will see various student nurses saying the same thing. One piece of advice I would give is to time manage. It’s incredibly tough, and time consuming – but if you manage your time it will be doable, still stressful but doable.

Another piece of advice, is enjoy your friendships. Now I will not sugar coat it – don’t think your future nursing degree endeavour will consist of freshers week fun and alcohol. Yes, you will let of steam, but unlike your fellow student body – you will actually be letting off genuine steam. No disrespect to any other degrees and I cannot speak for them all, but my current degree in comparison to my first degree (BA Advertising, Public Relations and Media) – this is full time.

So let off steam with your friends – at the end of exams we hopped on the tube and spent an evening with a few too many drinks and dinner down Covent Garden. Those three years go so quickly so enjoy those who are experiencing the ride with you!

I have more essays, presentations and coursework to get done so I will give you an update soon of my life as a student nurse.

Take care – and remember, every day your one step closer to receiving your pin!

Evan Peters, AHS and a dressing gown way too big for me!

I feel I mainly post on a Sunday evening, the time where I chill out with my lovely boyfriend and watch tv (normally Netflix).

We finished series 3 of American Horror Story: The Coven today and it didn’t disappoint. I feel that I have found my favourite tv series, and with a sprinkling of Evan Peters, no girl can complain.

I was a bit unsure when first tuning into the first series, episode one. It seemed pretty intense if I am completely honest but I cracked on. I absolutely love it, three seasons in and I am absolutely hooked. I love that each series somehow links to the others.

So currently in my boyfriends dressing gown, post bath feeling snuggly. I have another full on week this week with practical at uni so no doubt another quiet week on the blogging front apologies.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! And roll on the final week in January, and pay day!

Finally, the weekend!

Afternoon bloggers!

Last week was a very intense week for me so I’ve been quiet on the blogging front.

I had two assignments due on Monday and my first exam on Friday. I can’t explain how much pressure I have been putting on myself lately to keep healthy, revise and have time for my friends, family and boyfriend! But it is finally over, and boy am I glad!

Another reason why this weekend has been so long awaited is that this weekend was my first full weekend off of work for over half a year!

Friday after our exam finished, my friends and I took ourselves out for lunch! Our campus is in Angel (in London), so the city is our oyster! Following our big lunch, we took a shopping trip to Camden & made our way home!





Saturday was then spent with my family. It was my uncles birthday so we all met up for a meal & catch up in Chelmsford. We’ve had a lot to deal with over the last few years as a family, so a few hours really means the world. Also, with 4 kiddies (and another on the way), the youngest generation of our family make it all even better!







We then speeded back from Chelmsford as I had a girly night in awaiting with all of the work girls, and Tom was due to go to the pub with he’s friends too! So a quick freshen up and off we went! I wasn’t drinking so I offered to be designated driver for both Tom and I!

My girly night was needed! I have never had such close girl friends before. Many women are normally fake, bitches or your friend for their own agenda. It is different for us, because we have boy banter. By that, I mean that the bitching and back stabbing doesn’t exist. We take the piss out of each other and are straight to the point – which makes it work! I love them girls to the moon and back and just wish we all met sooner!

Then off I went to pick up Tom and ended up as an honorary lad till 3am whilst we played Monopoly and had a laugh which was nice. I’ve always felt really comfortable around men so it was really nice – even though I lost at Monopoly!

Today, a very well deserved lay in, followed by our weekly shop and time for me to cook up a Sunday storm in the kitchen. But not before egg and bacon with a twist for breakfast..



So yes, my beef Sunday roast is almost ready and I am in comfy clothes, cosying up to my man. Not a bad weekend for my first one off of work!

Have a good week!


Us Brits are famous for moaning about queueing, rain and more importantly how other countries are better than our own.

Not my boyfriend and I! It has always been important to us that we embrace being British – wellies and dog in toe.

So our Sunday’s are often spent in some part of London or Essex enjoying the life of coffee and chillz.

Today was spent taking a few hours away from revision, driving to Hampstead Heath to enjoy the fresh breezes and dog’s walking in the park! We parked up at Hampstead Heath and got our breakfast on, straight away! We opted for Polly’s, a quaint little cafe opposite the Heath – and oh my, no regrets!



Then for an hour or so, we hiked through the park. Plenty of mud and leaves, but I like that. The only part that I didn’t like was the fact that I forgot my Hunters – meaning I spent ages cleaning my boots at the end…


But other than that, it was perfect! We enjoyed us time. It wasn’t expensive, or a date that required high heels and high hair. It was nice just spending time with my boyfriend – doing what we like best, being outside!





Being a baby nurse is really hard!

I am biggest blogger fail in the world!

Yes, I will admit that my idea to return to blogging was all with good intentions, but the crazy life of being a student nurse has just had to take a front seat.

As I always say, I will try to blog more it’s just the past few months have been hectic and if I’m honest, I’m still getting used to this university vs life balance.

So enough blog-grovelling..

Being a student nurse is amazing. I am learning so much about myself and the human body in general that I never knew! I got my nurses uniform (scroll down for a photograph) and I couldn’t be happier.
This has been a dream for me a for a long time and I can’t begin to explain how amazing it feels finally taking these steps.

But, I won’t sugar coat it – it is hard.


If time management isn’t your forte, like myself, you really have to buckle down and learn how to time manage.

I finish my exams this coming Friday then it is time for simulated practice. Basically me (in my uniform) with my pals (in their uniform) playing hospital. Let’s just say if you want to apply for a university course where you get very close to your friends very quickly, it is nursing.

But I am absolutely pumped for it! Finally a chance for me to have a whole day of practical and not 2 hour slots like we normally do!

I am so excited to just do my thing and make a difference. My shifts on the ambulance have opened my eyes – you need a career that rewards you, not just a job that pays you.


Hello, my name is Emma and I am a..

So it’s been a year, I can only apologise. Nothing drastic has happened, I am still very happily living my life and am still living and travelling lots! Time to return to blogging but now there has been a big change in my life.

So let’s start from the beginning..

My name is Emma, I am 23 and have just begun my journey in becoming a qualified nurse. I have worked for the NHS since graduating university in 2012, but I want to go further in the NHS and I want to be saving lives. For those who anyone who trained to be a nurse a while back, they’d have trained on the job. But now it has changed. Today, nurses are required to have evidence behind their robust knowledge – in the form of a degree.

Now I thought long and hard, but this career meant too much to me to just pass me by and become a regret in my 40s. So I bit the bullet, and signed up.

Now, it is nearing the end of my first term and I am absolutely loving it. I have met some great friends, and already learnt so much. But during my time writing this blog – you will no doubt listen to the crazy tales of coursework, exams placements and everything in between.

What also will be in between will be me blogging but other things I like; because you should never be just your job. Be it travel, evenings out, or whatever I particularly fancy writing about!

So sit back, relax and comment below. You’re in this with me 🙂

I got a promotion!

So as you may, or may not know I have worked for my company now since December 2012. Since starting I have completed lots of different training schemes and gained qualifications whilst being there. Working for the company that I do is the best move I have ever made, as it has gone from being a job – to a career.

Within 9 months of working for them, I have now received a promotion which I am over the moon about! I have gone from training up on my job, to now training new employee’s to do my job. In less than a year I have made a complete turn around and I am so so happy about it.
I saw the opportunity and thought I would apply to that and another promotion below it and see if I got either. To my surprise I received an email from our project manager to invite me to an interview for the higher of the two positions. I was blown away.

And now, the rest is history. An interview and presentation later, I am now awaiting to attend my training this week and gain this promotion.

I am so proud of myself, I really am not the most confident of people when it comes to judging my own ability, and since working for this company and in particular since this promotion I am starting to believe in myself!

Hard work and graft apparently really does pay off!

Work hard, play harder!

Poole, Dorset: childhood holidays.

So the end of August approaches, this can mean only one thing if your in my family – Poole!

Ever since I was a baby we’ve done a yearly trip to Poole, Dorset.

Poole is beautiful, it’s very quaint, relaxed & has (in my opinion) the best British beach. Sandbanks. In my opinion it gives some beaches abroad a run for their money. Although the food and drink can be quite pricey, it is completely worth it. We spent many a day relaxing on the beach.

We also visited a beautiful place called Lulworth Cove. It is a tiny village with beautiful tiny cottages & shops. The actual cove is full of grass, dunes and rock which over the years has eroded and created the most stunning cove in the country. It was beautiful spending time there with my boyfriend, being in his arms taking in the views..

Our next pit stop on this particular day was at a beautiful scenic landmark called Corfe Castle. Wow. It’s a very historic land mark & although it is in ruins, it blows you away.

I really enjoy Poole. It is the one week of the year where it is family time. My mum, my dad, my dog, my boyfriend and I. I feel like a little girl again!