Evan Peters, AHS and a dressing gown way too big for me!

I feel I mainly post on a Sunday evening, the time where I chill out with my lovely boyfriend and watch tv (normally Netflix).

We finished series 3 of American Horror Story: The Coven today and it didn’t disappoint. I feel that I have found my favourite tv series, and with a sprinkling of Evan Peters, no girl can complain.

I was a bit unsure when first tuning into the first series, episode one. It seemed pretty intense if I am completely honest but I cracked on. I absolutely love it, three seasons in and I am absolutely hooked. I love that each series somehow links to the others.

So currently in my boyfriends dressing gown, post bath feeling snuggly. I have another full on week this week with practical at uni so no doubt another quiet week on the blogging front apologies.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! And roll on the final week in January, and pay day!


Super Bowl Sunday.

So here is the night. It has arrived. One of the biggest nights in American sport! Oh yeah, and Beyoncé is singing at half time.

My boyfriend adores his rugby, his cars and his fitness. But he also is a big fan of the Superbowl. So this year, I am staying up with him. From what his explained it sounds pretty cool and being quarter yank myself – its only right that I am part of the US tradition.

From what I have found so far, there are different quarters of the game, there’s a position called a quarter back and there is one guy who waits to catch the ball and just prays to god he doesn’t get squashed by a stampede of big muscle-bound hench men.

Although, that’s a minute part of American Football, I intend on learning a lot more tonight while snuggled under the duvet with a very very good looking man. I will try to concentrate on the football and learn the game.

Here goes..

49ers and Ravens.