Here I am!

Good evening, to anyone reading.

I’ve been MIA for a consecutive three years or so, popping by to say hello. I have toyed with the idea of creating a new blog but I have memories on her that (believe it or not) I do peruse sometimes when I’m feeling a little low. It is a part of my life so far and to create a new would feel like almost cheating on my journey so far.

Anyway, here is a little catch up on my travels since you last heard from me.

We visited Valencia in June 2016 after a very tough start to the year. It was a four day break were Tom and I were able to escape life for a minute. I feel sometimes when life (be it family, university, work, friends, life’s obstacles) is starting to feel suffocating, it is sometimes best to take a few days away. We were fortunate to spend that time in stunning Valencia, but even if you get in your car, on a train or put on your trainers and explore a new place, your mind is preoccupied with your adventure, and less with what is hurting your mind. This is exactly what Valencia was for us, and Valencia, we can never repay you for the light you shone on us during a very difficult time. Thank you.


Llotja de la Seda


Evenings on the beach.


Hotel Neptuno, view.


Old Town.


Beach babes.

Our next voyage was Lake Como, Italy in August 2016. I’ve briefly outlined the week in my previous post Let me update ya.. as Tom not only surprised me with the trip of a lifetime, but with the promise of a lifetime to be by my side as my husband and to share his surname with me. This holiday was my 25th birthday present and as mentioned in that blog post, I had no idea where we were going until I got to the departure lounge and the only flight on the board that corresponded with our take-off was to Milan *cue the tears of joy*.

Once we reached Milan, we were met by a wonderful man who drove us out of the airport to our next destination. I was under the impression we were staying in Milan until we turned a corner and I saw with my own eyes, what you see in magazines. Lake Como.

We travelled everywhere by boat, ate fresh pasta and pizza everyday and met the most amazing people from Como. It was the trip of a lifetime, one that I’ll never forget.

I am still pretty speechless at the lengths Tom went to for my birthday that year. He never ceases to amaze me, and this was no exception. Followed by my dream proposal, I honestly do not know what I did to deserve such a wonderful man who everyday treats me like a princess. Italy stole my heart that week, and we both intend on visiting and exploring more of the country.


The view from our balcony.


Waiting for our boat home, in Como.


My view circa 10 seconds before Tom asked me to marry him. *Swoon*


This needs no caption.


A typical day travelling in Como.

We then celebrated Tom’s birthday in our home away from home, Amsterdam in November 2016. Amsterdam needs no introduction, no selling point or description. Amsterdam is beautiful, relaxing and everything we need from a city break.

I wasn’t feeling too well during this trip, however we didn’t let that stop us. We explored museums, ate our weight-worth in Dutch cuisine and as always had a wonderful time. It is our fourth trip to Amsterdam, and it certainly will not be our last.


Dignity Amsterdam – Our favourite brunch spot


Huddled in the pouring rain with hot chocolate.


Banksy & Warhol Exhibition: laugh now




The very handsome birthday boy!

The final stop on this whistle-stop journey of our travels since I last posted was a trip to Bruges with Tom, his mum and sister in May 2017. This was a Christmas present from Tom to us ladies, which none of us were in cahoots with. On Christmas evening we all received a present each. I opened a map of Bruges, his mum opened a tour-guide book of Bruges and his sister opened the DVD of In Bruges, the movie. It was left to us to figure out the rest.

Bruges is a really beautiful city. The canals are stunning, the shops are quaint and the food is fantastic! We were there for two days and despite it being enough to get the feel of Brugge, I definitely want to return.

Screenshot 2017-07-12 21.54.22


Screenshot 2017-07-12 21.54.36Screenshot 2017-07-12 21.54.52

Screenshot 2017-07-12 21.55.03

Family shot!

Screenshot 2017-07-12 21.55.10

Best Gin in Europe, that I’ve tasted so far.


So that is basically where I’m at, there are more travel posts to come and plenty of career-based posts too. As I always say, I want to try and write more as I find it so cathartic and just good for my soul.

Hopefully speak soon,

Emma x


Let me update ya..

Good morning!

My inconsistency of posts is as inconsistent as inconsistent could possibly be. The further I get into my degree the more difficult I find it to keep up with hobbies and things that I love. If your approaching your nursing degree, that is probably something you won’t like to hear – but stick it out. Yes your life takes a back seat but you have a fruitful career inbound.

Personal life? Where do I start?
Firstly, I’m engaged! I turned 25 this year and as I’m not the most materialistic of girls, Tom decided to treat me to a week abroad instead. He read the signs, and proved once again how well he knows me with a surprise week in stunning Italy. Italy is a country that I have always wanted to visit but never got round to it. I can honestly say that there are multiple areas in Italy I’ve always wanted to visit! We stayed in Lake Como which totally blew me away! I’ve always daydreamed about Lake Como and perved on photographs on Google. He surprised me, and managed to keep mum until I was at the departure lounge. Yes, that is trust: being blindly led to an airport not knowing where you are going.
On the 1st August 2016, he took me to a picturesque Italian Villa and led me to the balcony that overlooks the whole of Lake Como. It was then he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I won’t go into a million soppy details but I will say it was a dream proposal and I wouldn’t change a second. The only thing I’d ask is if I could relive it all again, as I was so surprised that it went too fast. The setting was perfect, my ring is stunningly perfect and the man who asked me to be his wife is perfection. I love him so much and cannot wait to marry him.

Professional life?
I am in my final year now, I’ve completed a six week placement and am currently near the end of my theory block, working on essays and starting my dissertation. My previous placement was in the community and I fell in love with it. Right now, it is where I want to start my career. I have a career aim and I am willing to do whatever I can do get where I want to be. Again, I won’t sop my way through the blog post but I will say, with my life experience and things I have seen: I feel I can be the nurse I want to be in the community.

So there is my ten pence. Still cracking on to become a nurse and now planning our life as a soon to be Mr and Mrs.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder..

I do apologise people of the blogging world! The last few months have been extremely stressful both in my personal life and professional life, which has meant I have taken somewhat of a long hiatus from updating my blog. I know I am not the most regular blogger but I do enjoy creating content and my blog is something that I love to go through and read back to see what my life has thrown at me.

A little catch up – I am still very happily in love with my better half, Tom. We’ve been together for over four years and are incredibly happy still. We are looking at moving out in the next 18 months which will be amazing.

I am still at university, studying to become a nurse. I am almost at the end of year two and if I am honest, this year has been the hardest. I will be totally honest in telling you that the second year is a big difference to the first. My knowledge has had to develop a lot further and my time management has had to be even more on point. Right now, I notice a big difference in my nursing care in comparison to my first year. I am trying to read my patient’s signs and symptoms to understand what is wrong and working with other nurses, doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, CNS’s to create a positive care plan for my patients. I don’t know whether other student nurses feel the same, but by the end of year two I’ve started to feel the transition from being totally clueless to feeling confident in my craft.
I still am totally besotted with my career and cannot wait to learn more and experience everything.

Travel? I am off to Valencia for a few days next week with Tom. It is a well-earned break that we both really need. I’m going to take too many photographs (as always) and will create a blog post about my travels, so keep an eye out.


Weekend bliss!

This weekend was one of my free full weekends. With family things, seeing friends and sometimes working a Saturday or Sunday, a weekend just to ourselves can be a rarity. So we decided to make the most of it!

Saturday we took a drive up to Camber and spent the day at the beach. Camber is very special to Tom as this was his favourite childhood holiday destination. He went on a break with friends there as a kid but as grown up’s we can explore properly and enjoy the things he’s always wanted to do as an adult. Camber is beautiful. It offers you seaside fun, cheesy chips, stunning sand dunes and if you leave the beach – a few classy restaurants. We opted for lunch in a small place just outside the beach.

Once 5-6pm struck, we slid down the sand dunes, brushed ourselves off and headed for dinner. Tom drove us to Rye, another place he loved as a kid. We had dinner in a quaint little pub and just enjoyed each other’s company. Nothing can beat just having a relaxing day with the man you love, who is also your best friend!

I really enjoyed our Saturday. I love seeing Tom’s face light up as I see him reminisce about childhood memories. I also loved it as Camber and Rye are places I’ve visited a few times with Tom (and his family) and we’ve begun to make our own memories too.

Sunday, we had big ideas of driving into Kent to visit Botany Bay, but that rain though! So plan b – CINEMA!

Off we went to Romford, and saw Spy. Spy is an action/comedy about a girl (Melissa McCarthy) who is part of the intelligence team at MI5. When her partner in crime gets killed she demands to work in the field to get justice for her friend! *NO SPOILERS* It was fantastic! Absolutely hilarious, with real action and emotion.

We then ate in Zizzi’s (with my 40% off student discount mini fist pump) & spent the whole evening laughing, holding hands and talking over a bottle of wine.

Although it isn’t the most glamorous of weekends, I loved every single second. Spending time together as a couple always reminds me why we are together. We are best friends, who can’t keep each other’s hands off of each other-  who also just genuinely love the bones of one another.

You can’t ask for much else!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone. Hope you’ve had a wonderful break over the bank holiday, and ate your body weight in chocolate with no regrets.

I am currently house sitting my boyfriend’s cousins’ house, so we are really enjoying the time of being just us two.

I worked a 12 hour shift on Good Friday, then had the rest of the bank holiday off with Tom so that was a nice break. I’ve joined the gym, and am currently on week 9 of eating healthy and it is paying off! I’ve almost dropped one dress size, and although it is a slow process, it means more because for the first time, in a very long time, I am sticking to it and not feeling like a failure when I eat some chips!

I have been going to a Power Pump class which I really enjoy, and swimming too. Feeling really alive, and not laying in until midday on my mornings off anymore. I’m alert, alive and feeling great.

I also was informed about my placement at university over the bank holiday weekend. I am allocated one week in a London College completing health checks on teachers and students, then a 12 week placement on a Gastrointestinal and Liver ward

It is such a release to do my blog and I think it is important to keep my passions going as I don’t want to suffocate underneath a pile of assignments and sphygmomanometer’s!

Have a great day everyone, spring is almost sprung and summer is around the corner.

Evan Peters, AHS and a dressing gown way too big for me!

I feel I mainly post on a Sunday evening, the time where I chill out with my lovely boyfriend and watch tv (normally Netflix).

We finished series 3 of American Horror Story: The Coven today and it didn’t disappoint. I feel that I have found my favourite tv series, and with a sprinkling of Evan Peters, no girl can complain.

I was a bit unsure when first tuning into the first series, episode one. It seemed pretty intense if I am completely honest but I cracked on. I absolutely love it, three seasons in and I am absolutely hooked. I love that each series somehow links to the others.

So currently in my boyfriends dressing gown, post bath feeling snuggly. I have another full on week this week with practical at uni so no doubt another quiet week on the blogging front apologies.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! And roll on the final week in January, and pay day!

Finally, the weekend!

Afternoon bloggers!

Last week was a very intense week for me so I’ve been quiet on the blogging front.

I had two assignments due on Monday and my first exam on Friday. I can’t explain how much pressure I have been putting on myself lately to keep healthy, revise and have time for my friends, family and boyfriend! But it is finally over, and boy am I glad!

Another reason why this weekend has been so long awaited is that this weekend was my first full weekend off of work for over half a year!

Friday after our exam finished, my friends and I took ourselves out for lunch! Our campus is in Angel (in London), so the city is our oyster! Following our big lunch, we took a shopping trip to Camden & made our way home!





Saturday was then spent with my family. It was my uncles birthday so we all met up for a meal & catch up in Chelmsford. We’ve had a lot to deal with over the last few years as a family, so a few hours really means the world. Also, with 4 kiddies (and another on the way), the youngest generation of our family make it all even better!







We then speeded back from Chelmsford as I had a girly night in awaiting with all of the work girls, and Tom was due to go to the pub with he’s friends too! So a quick freshen up and off we went! I wasn’t drinking so I offered to be designated driver for both Tom and I!

My girly night was needed! I have never had such close girl friends before. Many women are normally fake, bitches or your friend for their own agenda. It is different for us, because we have boy banter. By that, I mean that the bitching and back stabbing doesn’t exist. We take the piss out of each other and are straight to the point – which makes it work! I love them girls to the moon and back and just wish we all met sooner!

Then off I went to pick up Tom and ended up as an honorary lad till 3am whilst we played Monopoly and had a laugh which was nice. I’ve always felt really comfortable around men so it was really nice – even though I lost at Monopoly!

Today, a very well deserved lay in, followed by our weekly shop and time for me to cook up a Sunday storm in the kitchen. But not before egg and bacon with a twist for breakfast..



So yes, my beef Sunday roast is almost ready and I am in comfy clothes, cosying up to my man. Not a bad weekend for my first one off of work!

Have a good week!


Us Brits are famous for moaning about queueing, rain and more importantly how other countries are better than our own.

Not my boyfriend and I! It has always been important to us that we embrace being British – wellies and dog in toe.

So our Sunday’s are often spent in some part of London or Essex enjoying the life of coffee and chillz.

Today was spent taking a few hours away from revision, driving to Hampstead Heath to enjoy the fresh breezes and dog’s walking in the park! We parked up at Hampstead Heath and got our breakfast on, straight away! We opted for Polly’s, a quaint little cafe opposite the Heath – and oh my, no regrets!



Then for an hour or so, we hiked through the park. Plenty of mud and leaves, but I like that. The only part that I didn’t like was the fact that I forgot my Hunters – meaning I spent ages cleaning my boots at the end…


But other than that, it was perfect! We enjoyed us time. It wasn’t expensive, or a date that required high heels and high hair. It was nice just spending time with my boyfriend – doing what we like best, being outside!





Rain Saturdays

So it is definitely one of them days, jeans on, socks & a big jumper. I am one of those strange ones who enjoy a good snuggle on the sofa – with the window open.

Me and my boyfriend like to air the room out whilst being snuggled up on the sofa. Cats enjoy it because it’s cool & we enjoy it because it’s so dam cosy!

Yes you guessed it – horrendously snuggly and warm. Everyone moans when it rains in the summer but as long as it doesn’t rain on my birthday, I don’t really mind. Amongst all of the warm weather, it’s nice to break it up with some rain hitting the window whilst your snuggled up and listening.

Today has consisted of brekkie, food shop & now a big chill!
Another holiday booked with the Smith clan for next year, so I suppose I’m in a pretty nifty mood. Cannot wait to get on that jet plane baby.

So yes all in all, the rain isn’t getting me down. Enjoy the rain guys, we’re British – it’s what we do.

Car chick!

If anyone knows my lovely boyfriend well, they will know that his passion is his car’s. He’s always been into car’s since I have known him. Now, to clarify, he isn’t a little teen boy racer, in a supped up Vauxhall Corsa, speeding down the A12. He owns an MG Rover. A mans car – which is also a convertible. Oh yeah, boy did good 😉

So, over the summer he has started to become good pals with some other car enthusiasts; thus being invited to events during the hot weather. Being his other half, I automatically snag myself an invite.

The first one we attended was Japfest. A festival based on Japanese cars, burger vans and racing. Now, if you know me you would think I would have been really out of my depth. Wrong! I absolutely loved it!

It was at Castle Coombe, which was around a two hour drive, in a convertible, hard life. It was a huge circuit, where they did races and a whole day dedicated to Japanese cars. If you have ever been to a festival (e.g. Wireless), it was that, with cars. DJ’s, food, shops and stalls and lots of cider.

I have to say, a boyish side of me really came out. I was like an adrenaline junkie when the races were going on. I was so excited!

Our next stop was MG in the Park! This was all things MG and Rover. Good british weather, good british banter – and good British cars. This event was based at a Wildlife park in Oxford, so it was a really good day on the whole with loads to do. There was loads of stalls, and we met up with a few of Toms pals. The food was lovely, the cars were in good shape and the wildlife was an amazing touch. Even managed to have a giraffe next to my head at one point. Made me want a career change to become a zoo keeper if I am honest.

Our final car stop (so far) was in Shoebury. Very simple afternoon, we all met at the halfway house true car enthusiast style, and convoyed to a pub in Shoebury called The Garrison. Lovely pub, lovely people. We met even more people which was great, and have a few new pals to add to our phone books. Especially got on well with one of the guys who owns a ZR, he lives near me & was really sweet, he even came out with us for my birthday which was lovely. Think he will be a good friend for a long time.

All in all, moral of the story – I’m officially a car chick! I love my boyfriends car & of course showing it off, I love the fact his car is the reason for so many days out & pub lunches.

I love my boyfriend & his car!