Blood, sweat and tears.

This means one thing. Gym!

Today was the first time I have been on my own because my personal trainer, (boyfriend) had work today. So I decided, to have a relaxing evening once I have done dinner – I would do gym before the mammoth shopping trip I am about to have with my gorgeous mum.

Today I chose to work on my core (stomach, muffin top, lower back, etc), and my work out today went something like this..

Warm up on the treadmill (10mins), with power walking and sprints intermittent.

2 sets of..
10 sit ups
20 side sit ups
10 raised leg sit ups

With the 2KG ball, 2 sets of both..
20 ankle to chest
20 seated side to side & touch

Followed by using the 2KG weight for 2 sets of…
20 rocks side to side

Obviously finishing with stretches!

So yes, pretty successful workout. Feeling the positive aches and only took just over half an hour with adequate water breaks and stretches in between – and obviously breaks between sets.

I love the gym, and with a little drum’n bass in my ear while I work out, I have never felt more in control and determined.

Keep fit bloggers!



Super Bowl Sunday.

So here is the night. It has arrived. One of the biggest nights in American sport! Oh yeah, and Beyoncé is singing at half time.

My boyfriend adores his rugby, his cars and his fitness. But he also is a big fan of the Superbowl. So this year, I am staying up with him. From what his explained it sounds pretty cool and being quarter yank myself – its only right that I am part of the US tradition.

From what I have found so far, there are different quarters of the game, there’s a position called a quarter back and there is one guy who waits to catch the ball and just prays to god he doesn’t get squashed by a stampede of big muscle-bound hench men.

Although, that’s a minute part of American Football, I intend on learning a lot more tonight while snuggled under the duvet with a very very good looking man. I will try to concentrate on the football and learn the game.

Here goes..

49ers and Ravens.

Time to beat the bulge.

Okay so the title is somewhat misleading. I haven’t started the gym, as of yet. I have ordered trainers, a protein shaker (may nab a few shakes from my boyfriend, sorry Tom) and started organising what clothes to wear. I even have a little travel bag ready with mini shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and deodorant in it.

I just need the dreaded gym membership.

I’ve decided to take control of my life this year, 2012 was a little like being trapped on a roller coaster for 12 months, so this year it is time to get my life together and take care of my body, my life and myself.

So this is my final goodbye. No more eating rubbish and sitting on my bum constantly. It means eating healthy (of course with a treat every now and again, I am human), less alcohol, more exercise and creating a new life style.

My boyfriend adores the gym and since his started working full time it’s been hard for him to make time for it, so I also am looking forward to doing it for him, also. We are working on our bodies together, and we will both be making time to go as it will be during the time that we make to see each other. Plus, he did a few weights last night and he looked hooooooot, so watching him at the gym is no problem of mine.