Dear Mr Hunt.. Sorry for the silence

Dear Mr Hunt,

Apologies for the silence, it’s been a blogging drought,
Snow, anxiety, exhaustion. Pursuing gave me doubt.
I think the best place to start, is the feelings deep inside,
Anxiety, stress and panic – all I did was hide.

Sick leave came and went, and came and went again,
The faces of patients missed, were imprinted in my brain.
Hiding didn’t work, it made me feel alone,
6 months newly qualified, I’ve worked myself to the bone.

You’ll never understand our cries, our tiredness is tired,
We run on coffee and overdrafts, I’m surprised we aren’t more wired.
But Mental Health is a subject I hope evokes your passion,
Considering your our Health Secretary, it’s a struggle and not a fashion.

I went to my GP, my OH and my manager,
Although nobody can help me, I’m completely beyond my parameter.
Beta-blockers, cuddles, cries and open conversation,
I’m not quite sure I’ll fix this. What do I do for anxiety cessation?

The snow came and went, and came and went again,
Icy roads and frozen hands, how I longed for rain.
We were short staffed and tired, working beyond capacity.
Patients were missed and upset, but I feel that’s your responsibility.

Whilst others enjoyed snow days, or warmth inside their office.
We were on foot, in scarves and hats – as Brits we were a novice!
My anxiety still lays dormant, awaiting its next time to shine,
Staffing levels, equipment and morale – the state of our NHS is a crime!

Apologies if you feel nurses moan, you won’t be the only one to think this of late,
Problem is Jeremy you are wrong. We fight and always advocate.
I have no hope you read my letters, as I know you’re very busy.
Busy, I am too! Trying to cope with snow, exhaustion and anxiety.


Community Nurse (+6 months)


One thought on “Dear Mr Hunt.. Sorry for the silence

  1. Annique Simpson says:

    Emma-well done. You write a very raw, honest blog and can be proud of doing so. Please keep doing this, share it on other nursing platforms like perhaps RCN as this will resonate with many fellow nurses. I’m a nurse activist and campaigner and reading this makes me more determined to continue fighting for respect, a decent pay rise and improved working conditions for all us nurses. Take care. Xx


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