Let me update ya..

Good morning!

My inconsistency of posts is as inconsistent as inconsistent could possibly be. The further I get into my degree the more difficult I find it to keep up with hobbies and things that I love. If your approaching your nursing degree, that is probably something you won’t like to hear – but stick it out. Yes your life takes a back seat but you have a fruitful career inbound.

Personal life? Where do I start?
Firstly, I’m engaged! I turned 25 this year and as I’m not the most materialistic of girls, Tom decided to treat me to a week abroad instead. He read the signs, and proved once again how well he knows me with a surprise week in stunning Italy. Italy is a country that I have always wanted to visit but never got round to it. I can honestly say that there are multiple areas in Italy I’ve always wanted to visit! We stayed in Lake Como which totally blew me away! I’ve always daydreamed about Lake Como and perved on photographs on Google. He surprised me, and managed to keep mum until I was at the departure lounge. Yes, that is trust: being blindly led to an airport not knowing where you are going.
On the 1st August 2016, he took me to a picturesque Italian Villa and led me to the balcony that overlooks the whole of Lake Como. It was then he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I won’t go into a million soppy details but I will say it was a dream proposal and I wouldn’t change a second. The only thing I’d ask is if I could relive it all again, as I was so surprised that it went too fast. The setting was perfect, my ring is stunningly perfect and the man who asked me to be his wife is perfection. I love him so much and cannot wait to marry him.

Professional life?
I am in my final year now, I’ve completed a six week placement and am currently near the end of my theory block, working on essays and starting my dissertation. My previous placement was in the community and I fell in love with it. Right now, it is where I want to start my career. I have a career aim and I am willing to do whatever I can do get where I want to be. Again, I won’t sop my way through the blog post but I will say, with my life experience and things I have seen: I feel I can be the nurse I want to be in the community.

So there is my ten pence. Still cracking on to become a nurse and now planning our life as a soon to be Mr and Mrs.


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