Feet up, I passed year one of nursing school!

I’ve officially finished my first placement. I’ve passed all of my exams. I’ve passed all of my coursework. I guess you could say, I’m in my second year of nursing.

That feels very surreal

I feel really sad that my placement is over, but at the same time I am very glad for the well earned break. What people forget, is although you are a university student during your nurse training – you aren’t blessed with the same holiday times as a normal university student. As large chunks of our year are spent on placement, our exams and coursework are crammed into a smaller amount of time – meaning no time to chill.
We are given two breaks (of 2-3 weeks) during term time. The first, Christmas. We were given three weeks off to celebrate Christmas, and also to finish off two pieces of course work and revise for an exam the first week back. The second break, Easter. Only problem was that it was a two week break where we needed to revise for a biology exam, two essays and also an OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination)! Not to mention our biology and OSCE being double booked, so our biology being brought back (giving us a week less to revise)..

So a cheeky glass of wine in the garden whilst I debate what to have for my lunch is a well needed lifestyle change for the next few weeks. Also working on the wards every now and again – will be bliss.


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