Weekend bliss!

This weekend was one of my free full weekends. With family things, seeing friends and sometimes working a Saturday or Sunday, a weekend just to ourselves can be a rarity. So we decided to make the most of it!

Saturday we took a drive up to Camber and spent the day at the beach. Camber is very special to Tom as this was his favourite childhood holiday destination. He went on a break with friends there as a kid but as grown up’s we can explore properly and enjoy the things he’s always wanted to do as an adult. Camber is beautiful. It offers you seaside fun, cheesy chips, stunning sand dunes and if you leave the beach – a few classy restaurants. We opted for lunch in a small place just outside the beach.

Once 5-6pm struck, we slid down the sand dunes, brushed ourselves off and headed for dinner. Tom drove us to Rye, another place he loved as a kid. We had dinner in a quaint little pub and just enjoyed each other’s company. Nothing can beat just having a relaxing day with the man you love, who is also your best friend!

I really enjoyed our Saturday. I love seeing Tom’s face light up as I see him reminisce about childhood memories. I also loved it as Camber and Rye are places I’ve visited a few times with Tom (and his family) and we’ve begun to make our own memories too.

Sunday, we had big ideas of driving into Kent to visit Botany Bay, but that rain though! So plan b – CINEMA!

Off we went to Romford, and saw Spy. Spy is an action/comedy about a girl (Melissa McCarthy) who is part of the intelligence team at MI5. When her partner in crime gets killed she demands to work in the field to get justice for her friend! *NO SPOILERS* It was fantastic! Absolutely hilarious, with real action and emotion.

We then ate in Zizzi’s (with my 40% off student discount mini fist pump) & spent the whole evening laughing, holding hands and talking over a bottle of wine.

Although it isn’t the most glamorous of weekends, I loved every single second. Spending time together as a couple always reminds me why we are together. We are best friends, who can’t keep each other’s hands off of each other-  who also just genuinely love the bones of one another.

You can’t ask for much else!


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