Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone. Hope you’ve had a wonderful break over the bank holiday, and ate your body weight in chocolate with no regrets.

I am currently house sitting my boyfriend’s cousins’ house, so we are really enjoying the time of being just us two.

I worked a 12 hour shift on Good Friday, then had the rest of the bank holiday off with Tom so that was a nice break. I’ve joined the gym, and am currently on week 9 of eating healthy and it is paying off! I’ve almost dropped one dress size, and although it is a slow process, it means more because for the first time, in a very long time, I am sticking to it and not feeling like a failure when I eat some chips!

I have been going to a Power Pump class which I really enjoy, and swimming too. Feeling really alive, and not laying in until midday on my mornings off anymore. I’m alert, alive and feeling great.

I also was informed about my placement at university over the bank holiday weekend. I am allocated one week in a London College completing health checks on teachers and students, then a 12 week placement on a Gastrointestinal and Liver ward

It is such a release to do my blog and I think it is important to keep my passions going as I don’t want to suffocate underneath a pile of assignments and sphygmomanometer’s!

Have a great day everyone, spring is almost sprung and summer is around the corner.


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