The long await for placement…

I have been in a whirl wind of theory, simulated practice and lectures since September last year. When you speak to student nurses studying at other universities, they have completed their first placement and some are even on to their second.
Myself on the other hand? I still have another 7 weeks (and a bit) left to wait until I can proudly put my uniform on and get my hands dirty (more than likely, literally).

The whole idea of becoming a nurse was obviously to do the job. I’ve loved university, and till this day I am so happy I chose the university I did. I also can see the logic in the university making their first year students complete 8 months of theory before going on the wards. Comparing a first year student nurse who has studied for 8 months, with another who has studied for 8 weeks – you will notice two very different people.
I relish the fact that we will be a little more equip to judge the care and methods of our mentors, we won’t be too absorbent to copy mistakes.

However I am absolutely desperate now to get my uniform on and be a student nurse. I want to do someones blood pressure and see something other than a normal range, and find out how to stabilise that. I want to measure someone’s peak flow, who isn’t doing the task before I have finished explaining it. My study group have grown incredibly close since September, but where we are all becoming so comfortable with each other – we just do what we do, and thats that.

Since starting university I have met a lot of new people, but I am looking forward to meeting new people and being able to introduce myself as a ‘student nurse’ who is on shift that day. I am fully aware I will encounter patients who don’t feel comfortable with me caring for them because I am a only a student, but that is okay. If I put myself in that position this time last year, before finding out how in depth a nursing degree is, and also how much you learn in a little amount of time – I would be the same.

So the wait carries on, I should in the next few weeks be finding out what hospital from my trust I am allocated for this placement, and also what ward. I will keep you updated as much as I can!


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