Results day!


I received a 2:1 for all of my assignments. One of my assignments even graded three marks from a First, so I was on cloud nine. I suffer very badly with nerves and I clearly didn’t let them get the better of me. However, going through my feedback forms I have realised how harshly my university mark, so this has given me even more drive to go on and get that First!

Obviously it has been quite a while since I have blogged, nursing is a tough degree. Although if you do your research (via blogs and Instagram) before you start, you will see various student nurses saying the same thing. One piece of advice I would give is to time manage. It’s incredibly tough, and time consuming – but if you manage your time it will be doable, still stressful but doable.

Another piece of advice, is enjoy your friendships. Now I will not sugar coat it – don’t think your future nursing degree endeavour will consist of freshers week fun and alcohol. Yes, you will let of steam, but unlike your fellow student body – you will actually be letting off genuine steam. No disrespect to any other degrees and I cannot speak for them all, but my current degree in comparison to my first degree (BA Advertising, Public Relations and Media) – this is full time.

So let off steam with your friends – at the end of exams we hopped on the tube and spent an evening with a few too many drinks and dinner down Covent Garden. Those three years go so quickly so enjoy those who are experiencing the ride with you!

I have more essays, presentations and coursework to get done so I will give you an update soon of my life as a student nurse.

Take care – and remember, every day your one step closer to receiving your pin!

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