Finally, the weekend!

Afternoon bloggers!

Last week was a very intense week for me so I’ve been quiet on the blogging front.

I had two assignments due on Monday and my first exam on Friday. I can’t explain how much pressure I have been putting on myself lately to keep healthy, revise and have time for my friends, family and boyfriend! But it is finally over, and boy am I glad!

Another reason why this weekend has been so long awaited is that this weekend was my first full weekend off of work for over half a year!

Friday after our exam finished, my friends and I took ourselves out for lunch! Our campus is in Angel (in London), so the city is our oyster! Following our big lunch, we took a shopping trip to Camden & made our way home!





Saturday was then spent with my family. It was my uncles birthday so we all met up for a meal & catch up in Chelmsford. We’ve had a lot to deal with over the last few years as a family, so a few hours really means the world. Also, with 4 kiddies (and another on the way), the youngest generation of our family make it all even better!







We then speeded back from Chelmsford as I had a girly night in awaiting with all of the work girls, and Tom was due to go to the pub with he’s friends too! So a quick freshen up and off we went! I wasn’t drinking so I offered to be designated driver for both Tom and I!

My girly night was needed! I have never had such close girl friends before. Many women are normally fake, bitches or your friend for their own agenda. It is different for us, because we have boy banter. By that, I mean that the bitching and back stabbing doesn’t exist. We take the piss out of each other and are straight to the point – which makes it work! I love them girls to the moon and back and just wish we all met sooner!

Then off I went to pick up Tom and ended up as an honorary lad till 3am whilst we played Monopoly and had a laugh which was nice. I’ve always felt really comfortable around men so it was really nice – even though I lost at Monopoly!

Today, a very well deserved lay in, followed by our weekly shop and time for me to cook up a Sunday storm in the kitchen. But not before egg and bacon with a twist for breakfast..



So yes, my beef Sunday roast is almost ready and I am in comfy clothes, cosying up to my man. Not a bad weekend for my first one off of work!

Have a good week!

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