Us Brits are famous for moaning about queueing, rain and more importantly how other countries are better than our own.

Not my boyfriend and I! It has always been important to us that we embrace being British – wellies and dog in toe.

So our Sunday’s are often spent in some part of London or Essex enjoying the life of coffee and chillz.

Today was spent taking a few hours away from revision, driving to Hampstead Heath to enjoy the fresh breezes and dog’s walking in the park! We parked up at Hampstead Heath and got our breakfast on, straight away! We opted for Polly’s, a quaint little cafe opposite the Heath – and oh my, no regrets!



Then for an hour or so, we hiked through the park. Plenty of mud and leaves, but I like that. The only part that I didn’t like was the fact that I forgot my Hunters – meaning I spent ages cleaning my boots at the end…


But other than that, it was perfect! We enjoyed us time. It wasn’t expensive, or a date that required high heels and high hair. It was nice just spending time with my boyfriend – doing what we like best, being outside!





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