Being a baby nurse is really hard!

I am biggest blogger fail in the world!

Yes, I will admit that my idea to return to blogging was all with good intentions, but the crazy life of being a student nurse has just had to take a front seat.

As I always say, I will try to blog more it’s just the past few months have been hectic and if I’m honest, I’m still getting used to this university vs life balance.

So enough blog-grovelling..

Being a student nurse is amazing. I am learning so much about myself and the human body in general that I never knew! I got my nurses uniform (scroll down for a photograph) and I couldn’t be happier.
This has been a dream for me a for a long time and I can’t begin to explain how amazing it feels finally taking these steps.

But, I won’t sugar coat it – it is hard.


If time management isn’t your forte, like myself, you really have to buckle down and learn how to time manage.

I finish my exams this coming Friday then it is time for simulated practice. Basically me (in my uniform) with my pals (in their uniform) playing hospital. Let’s just say if you want to apply for a university course where you get very close to your friends very quickly, it is nursing.

But I am absolutely pumped for it! Finally a chance for me to have a whole day of practical and not 2 hour slots like we normally do!

I am so excited to just do my thing and make a difference. My shifts on the ambulance have opened my eyes – you need a career that rewards you, not just a job that pays you.



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