Hello, my name is Emma and I am a..

So it’s been a year, I can only apologise. Nothing drastic has happened, I am still very happily living my life and am still living and travelling lots! Time to return to blogging but now there has been a big change in my life.

So let’s start from the beginning..

My name is Emma, I am 23 and have just begun my journey in becoming a qualified nurse. I have worked for the NHS since graduating university in 2012, but I want to go further in the NHS and I want to be saving lives. For those who anyone who trained to be a nurse a while back, they’d have trained on the job. But now it has changed. Today, nurses are required to have evidence behind their robust knowledge – in the form of a degree.

Now I thought long and hard, but this career meant too much to me to just pass me by and become a regret in my 40s. So I bit the bullet, and signed up.

Now, it is nearing the end of my first term and I am absolutely loving it. I have met some great friends, and already learnt so much. But during my time writing this blog – you will no doubt listen to the crazy tales of coursework, exams placements and everything in between.

What also will be in between will be me blogging but other things I like; because you should never be just your job. Be it travel, evenings out, or whatever I particularly fancy writing about!

So sit back, relax and comment below. You’re in this with me 🙂

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