Poole, Dorset: childhood holidays.

So the end of August approaches, this can mean only one thing if your in my family – Poole!

Ever since I was a baby we’ve done a yearly trip to Poole, Dorset.

Poole is beautiful, it’s very quaint, relaxed & has (in my opinion) the best British beach. Sandbanks. In my opinion it gives some beaches abroad a run for their money. Although the food and drink can be quite pricey, it is completely worth it. We spent many a day relaxing on the beach.

We also visited a beautiful place called Lulworth Cove. It is a tiny village with beautiful tiny cottages & shops. The actual cove is full of grass, dunes and rock which over the years has eroded and created the most stunning cove in the country. It was beautiful spending time there with my boyfriend, being in his arms taking in the views..

Our next pit stop on this particular day was at a beautiful scenic landmark called Corfe Castle. Wow. It’s a very historic land mark & although it is in ruins, it blows you away.

I really enjoy Poole. It is the one week of the year where it is family time. My mum, my dad, my dog, my boyfriend and I. I feel like a little girl again!



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