Rain Saturdays

So it is definitely one of them days, jeans on, socks & a big jumper. I am one of those strange ones who enjoy a good snuggle on the sofa – with the window open.

Me and my boyfriend like to air the room out whilst being snuggled up on the sofa. Cats enjoy it because it’s cool & we enjoy it because it’s so dam cosy!

Yes you guessed it – horrendously snuggly and warm. Everyone moans when it rains in the summer but as long as it doesn’t rain on my birthday, I don’t really mind. Amongst all of the warm weather, it’s nice to break it up with some rain hitting the window whilst your snuggled up and listening.

Today has consisted of brekkie, food shop & now a big chill!
Another holiday booked with the Smith clan for next year, so I suppose I’m in a pretty nifty mood. Cannot wait to get on that jet plane baby.

So yes all in all, the rain isn’t getting me down. Enjoy the rain guys, we’re British – it’s what we do.

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