Car chick!

If anyone knows my lovely boyfriend well, they will know that his passion is his car’s. He’s always been into car’s since I have known him. Now, to clarify, he isn’t a little teen boy racer, in a supped up Vauxhall Corsa, speeding down the A12. He owns an MG Rover. A mans car – which is also a convertible. Oh yeah, boy did good 😉

So, over the summer he has started to become good pals with some other car enthusiasts; thus being invited to events during the hot weather. Being his other half, I automatically snag myself an invite.

The first one we attended was Japfest. A festival based on Japanese cars, burger vans and racing. Now, if you know me you would think I would have been really out of my depth. Wrong! I absolutely loved it!

It was at Castle Coombe, which was around a two hour drive, in a convertible, hard life. It was a huge circuit, where they did races and a whole day dedicated to Japanese cars. If you have ever been to a festival (e.g. Wireless), it was that, with cars. DJ’s, food, shops and stalls and lots of cider.

I have to say, a boyish side of me really came out. I was like an adrenaline junkie when the races were going on. I was so excited!

Our next stop was MG in the Park! This was all things MG and Rover. Good british weather, good british banter – and good British cars. This event was based at a Wildlife park in Oxford, so it was a really good day on the whole with loads to do. There was loads of stalls, and we met up with a few of Toms pals. The food was lovely, the cars were in good shape and the wildlife was an amazing touch. Even managed to have a giraffe next to my head at one point. Made me want a career change to become a zoo keeper if I am honest.

Our final car stop (so far) was in Shoebury. Very simple afternoon, we all met at the halfway house true car enthusiast style, and convoyed to a pub in Shoebury called The Garrison. Lovely pub, lovely people. We met even more people which was great, and have a few new pals to add to our phone books. Especially got on well with one of the guys who owns a ZR, he lives near me & was really sweet, he even came out with us for my birthday which was lovely. Think he will be a good friend for a long time.

All in all, moral of the story – I’m officially a car chick! I love my boyfriends car & of course showing it off, I love the fact his car is the reason for so many days out & pub lunches.

I love my boyfriend & his car!

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