Hey there!

Long time no see bloggers, firstly apologies for my absence, but I am back today. Work has been manic, and there hasn’t really been many occasions where I have had time to blog. I shall fill you in on my where about’s.

The last few months since I have blogged have consisted of such a mixture of emotions, experiences and fun.

I have been informed of some great facts over the last few months, really proving my opinions of people, correctly. I always give people the benefit of the doubt, trying to see things from their side, understand what may tick them off. In addition to this, yes I bitch, I talk – but I do this within the confines of my four walls. I would never make public, slate or gossip about people or their actions. People’s actions towards me, affect me – it doesn’t need to involve anyone else.
However, if there is one thing I have learnt over the last year is that people are going to talk about you, if life hasn’t gone their way – they would never consider actually looking in the mirror and thinking why their life has gone this way, they’ll just blame the person who it is easiest to shift the blame on to. I am a big believer in writing your own destiny and fate. I believe that any hardship I have gone through in my life is down to my actions and the path I have chosen – nobody else’s fault or problem.you need to just pity others can’t see things this way, instead slating and lying about others. How juvenile.

*surrounding yourself around the right people, makes for a happier life*

In other, more relevant and important news – the last few months have consisted of work opportunities, travel, friends, family – and many a giggle.

I really have had the most amazing year of being 21. I will update you on those few bits and bobs now as for once I am not busy at work, and am taking time off for my birthday. So here we go, blog time!

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