Bank Holiday weekend.

Hey there all of you bloggers, so I finally have a bit of time to update my blog and tell you all about my crazy bank holiday weekend! I hope you all had a fabulous time enjoying the sunshine and making the most of no work on a Monday. Or even if you had to work, no big deal – you earned the big bucks! So, Emma’s Bank Holiday, here’s the low down..

I had to work on the Friday, which most did. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a fun early finish. The upside was however that I didn’t start until 2pm, which meant only one thing: lay in. I made the most of this, woke up at 11 and slowly but surely got ready for work.
Work went pleasantly fast. No drama or crazy moments. A lovely relaxing shift with my work buddies.
Friday night meant only one thing – Chinese. Friday/Saturday is slowly becoming a bit of a tradition for us to have a takeaway. Normally Chinese, or Indian? But regardless, it was perfection. After a long week in the office, nothing could beat putting my feet up and enjoying a relaxing night with my parents and boyfriend!

Saturday – weekend starts here!
Saturday, me and my boyfriend enjoyed the first thing you can enjoy on a Saturday morning. Sleep! We had a lovely lay in and watched some tv whilst being cuddled up on the sofa. Then, we headed off for a few bevvys with his sister and cousins. A few girly bevvy’s turned into Tom coming along too as the both of us, plus his sister were off round his brothers for a drink and catch up in their lovely new house. Saturday was a lovely day! A real family day. The Smith clan really have welcomed me in as if I am a Smith myself. They treat me like their sister, daughter, aunty – which really does mean the world to me. I love his family, just as I love him. Obviously it is a different love because that would be incredibly weird, but I really do. Their home is my second home – and I now have an even bigger family. I will never really see them as the typically named in-laws because to me they are my family. Even the cats. Yes, that’s right. Even the cats.

So after one too many vinos, lots of laughs and giggles – the evening ended with myself, Tom, his sister and parents all sitting round their dining room table eating a cheese board, drinking wine and putting the world to rights! We’re too posh for a kebab 😉

Bank holiday Sunday, Fun day!
Sunday was the day I finally got to meet one of my best buds new puppy. He is a teeny tiny Jack-Chi (75% Chihuahua and 25% Jack Russell). He is a tiny little bundle of joy. He is honestly the most angelic little baby I have ever seen. It is making me horrendously dog broody but me and Tom have had the talk, and we will have our own baby [as in dog] in a few years time. Besides, if I came home now with a puppy; I honestly think Gracie would have a fit. She is the princess in the Mahaffy household, its her way or the high way; whilst under her roof, we do as she says…sort of!
So after that, myself and Gemma grabbed our lovely boyfriends and headed off for some yummy lunch. She took us to a place called In-Ex in Goffs Oak, where she used to work. It was absolutely amazing. It really is the gem of Hertfordshire. It is like a nursery, but with everything. Little home boutiques, a salon, a plant shop, an outside area for relaxing in the sunshine – and of course the restaurant. The restaurant was absolutely amazing. Gemma’s little sister still works in there so we popped in to say hi and to enjoy the fine Goffs Oak cuisine. The four of us had such a giggle, and it has to be said – I really love hanging out as a four. We all have so much in common and all have the same sense of humour.
So that was it, after lunch – we headed home early evening to chill out and watch TV. Our chill out soon ended when I realised I had no summery clothes, so my dad got my summer portable wardrobe down from the loft for me to do my seasonal swap.
#FYI I have too many clothes to keep in my wardrobe all year round; so I have bought one of those funky suction hoover bags [I’m not 100% what their called]. This funky suction hoover bag contains the opposing seasons clothes for me to make room for my clothes during that season. Just thought I would give you a heads up incase you thought I was either a secret hoarder or a covert Vivenne Westwood – – I wish

Bank Holiday Monday, NO WORK
Seaside! That is the only word that left my lips during the morning. I was so excited! Nothing compared to my boyfriend however, he literally woke up like a puppy dog. I was woken up by him laying on top of me easyyyyy, no funny ideas. He gave me loads of excitable little kisses and kept throwing me around the bed to wake me up. Once I’d finally woken up, we got our summer glad rags on and headed down to the beach. We met one of Tom’s good pals down there with his lovely girlfriend and spent the day enjoying the sunshine, drinking and having loads of fun. The boys ate ice cream, after ice cream and shared a bag of candy floss – whilst us girls just enjoyed the sunshine.
We sat on the beach for a few hours, enjoying our ice cold drinks. The water was so beautiful and calm; I actually cannot even begin to describe it. Southend is not necessarily the most amazing of places in the world, but when you leave the amusements and enjoy the quieter side of the seafront – you can really appreciate the beauty of the pebbly beach and calm blue water. We ended our day with a lovely late lunch and a two hour drive home. To most, a two hour drive home (which to my house only normally takes half an hour) would sound like hell. But we enjoyed a good sing song, a bit of a photo shoot and a good chin wag. As we normally do! This is the life when your boyfriend is your best friend – you both don’t shut up, and time flies especially in traffic!

Today I am back to work, with a mixture of very tanned arms and a very burnt nose! But what a weekend – although a busy one, a very enjoyable one. Roll on next bank holiday!

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