Summer returned! Our second summer as a couple & our third holiday abroad together.

The only problem was, prior to the holiday nothing could be mentioned. Tom’s cousin was turning 21 and she wanted to celebrate in Spain. As her birthday is in February, the weather wouldn’t be great so they decided to book for June! When they were in the process of booking Tom didn’t have many hours at work, and freshly graduating I was out of work, trying to concentrate on internships. Money was tight to say the least!

However, Christmas 2012 passed, Tom had been promoted at work and I had a paid job! So we decided to book a few days with the family in Alcudia and a week just us in sunny  Palma, Majorca!

The holiday was unreal – the weather was hitting the 40’s, we were in a constant sea of sangria, food & fun. And spending each night for the first few days of our holiday going out for family meals.

Our week alone was perfect. Tom really is my best friend and we spent every day laughing, joking & kissing in the sea.

Kindle out, feet in the pool with sangria in hand! Laying on the sand, on and off swimming sessions in the sea, with a brief liquid lunch at the cocktail bar on the beach!

Evenings were perfect. We’d sit by the pool till 10pm, take a walk down the beach and watch the sunset. May sound corny to some, but believe me laying on a beach watching the sunset whilst kissing the island – life is pretty damn good!


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