Dirty little secret.

Over the weekend, he wanted to take me out for some dinner and a few drinks down the city. So I got my glad rags on, eyelashes & styled my big hair; ready to hit the town.

He took me to one of our favourite pubs down St Pauls that has been our favourite place for a very long time. Its tucked away by the cathedral, very vintage and very warm. We enjoyed a few drinks, where Tom started giving me little clues about our next location.

As we walked along the Millennium Bridge hand in hand, he stopped in the middle and told me he was surprising me with a viewing at the Shard. I was absolutely over the moon, and very excited!

The man never ceases to amaze me; he treats me like a princess! Going through my teenage years you begin to realise that the guys in films that bring you flowers just because, who in the middle of the night kiss you and cuddle you – and those that create secret elaborate plans to surprise you and make you smile don’t exist! Then I turn 20, begin a very happy relationship with a guy who is the best friend that I have ever had – and *boom* – this non-existant dream man exists!!

I am a very very lucky girl to have Tom! I know he would always have been in my life anyway because the second I met him, it was like we had known each other for years. We’ve got the exact same sense of humour, great banter and the same interests – but I can’t even express how happy I am that our friendship has turned into this dream, happy, exciting love.

So back to our plans, we arrived in the poshest, most modern foyer that I have ever seen! After being checked for bombs I’m guessing, in an airport style security system – we finally begun our journey to the viewing platform.

For those who haven’t been yet – you are guided to each lift (two in total) to arrive at the top of the Shard. The lift moves at 6m per second, and as you rise up your ears pop!

Then, you get to the viewing platform. Which absolutely takes your breath away.

If you have been on an aeroplane you know what a high up view looks like, but this is on another level. You can see right the way across London. Tom booked it at 8pm knowing the sun would set whilst we were there [most perfect guy, right!?]. As the sun set over the city, we saw all of the lights turn on – evolving London from a quick moving city, to a glittery landscape. It was absolutely amazing!

It was such an amazing night, and very romantic if you are going with you girlfriend/boyfriend/fiancé/husband/wife.

Very happy, very in love. Very spoilt!


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