Payday spoiler!

So Payday arrived. I earned a very pretty penny this month for all of my over time, and couldn’t wait to spend it! For years and years I have wanted a Mac Book Pro – Apple products to me are the creme de la creme and cannot be beaten. Since secondary school I have always wanted an Apple laptop but they’ve always been way above my price range.. until now!

Work started at 2pm for me today, so I met my work pal and off we went to Westfield (the chav Stratford one unfortunately) for a cheeky GBK lunch and a John Lewis spree. Walked in, card in hand and made the third most expensive purchase of my life, so far.

I purchased my beautiful, 13 inch, shiny, clean, smooth, slick Mac Book Pro. Oh my god is she beautiful. I came straight to work with a big smile and massive box in my hand. Everyone was so lovely, and so excited! Quite curious why I was always in work, everyone knew today was the day I picked up my baby.

So yes. Bloggers, I officially own a Mac! I am officially Apple’s biggest fan. Phone, iPad, Mac Book – I am an Apple girl through and through.

So this everyone, is the first official blog post created on my Mac Book Pro. Queue very creative posts when I have more time to have fun and play around with my new baby Mac..

..don’t judge – you know I name all of my belongings!

Happy hump day world.

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