Long awaited weekend.

Happy St Friday kids!

So, the weekend has arrived. I finish work in an hour and a half and I am excited for my weekend to start. My weekend is full of hardcore, exciting, adrenaline rushed, heart raising, sweat causing, blood pumping activities..

A two day long duvet day with DVD’s. I don’t care if I am 21 and should stereotypically be laying in a gutter somewhere post-too many tequila’s if I was to stick to social conventions. I am quite happily going to spend my weekend with a bottle or two of wine, takeaways and my better half. Lifestyles of a 60 hour week worker huh!

Alternatively, if the weather is nice, sitting in the garden, cider in a beer garden and perhaps a cheeky picnic somewhere lovely!

I am literally excited, like Christmas excited guys. Butterflies in the tummy, swinging side to side on my chair. This is the excitement of a small person waiting to break free until Monday from a busy office. I love work and I love my job, but this weekend is needed to recharge my batteries, help mum out a bit around the house, do some washing and bits and bobs and reeeeeeeeeeelax! Then back to work Monday to save the health of the UK, like a boss!

So enjoy your weekend kids!

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