Early bird!

My morning wake up call of quarter to six sounds so much better than the 5:45 alarm on my phone. Seeing that little number 5 is absolutely heart shattering just before bed.

But how comes I’m like a zombie for the first 10 minutes and then boom, I’m awake, make up, hair & blogging? Very strange.

My 12 hour shifts aren’t easy, the last few hours are always quite tiring, makes me yawn. But the feeling of packing up and going home to see my boyfriend and family is amazing!

Work is a funny thing, you go your whole life through school wanting to work and earn money – then when you leave you wonder what you were moaning about during your teens? Thankfully, although the hours are tough I love my job, otherwise I wouldn’t opt to do them.

So up and at ’em bloggers, it’s Tuesday! No longer manic Monday and almost hump day! Keep on going.

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