Work hard!

Work hard, play harder.

So it begins, April is my month of working ridiculous hours for a juicy pay packet at the end of the month to book our holiday and buy my gorgeous Mac!

12 hour shifts, most days – but weekends to relax and enjoy many a duvet day with my man. Plenty of DVDs and snuggles. This weekend however, it is a very special day. We have my great uncles 92nd birthday party. Midst of Essex, DJ, Family, Alcohol – going to be a good night! It will be lovely for Tom to meet all of my extended family as his really close with my cousins, aunt, uncle and obviously very close with my mum and dad – but it will will be nice for him to meet those who live further afield. Also, him meeting my nans brothers is a big deal to me. As time has gone on, and people have moved further out – it has been harder for us to see them. But losing my nan at 6, I grew closer to her brothers; thus making them my closest relatives resembling grandparents. I am excited to see them, even if they do like to get their teeth out and tell bad jokes – their my nan’s brothers and I love them for it! Their quirky, just like me!

So yes, although this month I will probably be spending the same amount of time at work, as I will at home – it will be worth it when I am booking our summer holiday on my new mac. Plus the fact – work is great! The people are diamonds and I am good at my job. I get complimented and I get the support I need to improve and work up. Newer people even ask for my help, which is amazing. Not being the most confident of people inside, it makes me feel good and gives me a boost when somebody trusts my judgement like that. I suppose if enough people put you down, although you may not take any notice – pity them as they have nothing better to do: it does eat away at you when it is constant. Not to be acting as miss perfection but although I may hold opinions of people or their actions, I would never physically insult them, its unfair, pathetic and no matter how much of a big person it makes you feel – its pointless. You don’t know what that person has had to put up with, or what their life has consisted of. For me personally, I was bullied at school and bullies are such comedians with their insults, opinions and remarks. I have never believed them or taken on board their opinions, but as I said, it does eat away. But this new job has taught me one thing, I am intelligent, I am confident and when I put my mind to something, it gets completed to a good standard!

Excuse the rant, but that feeling of accomplishment and gaining confidence is amazing – and I thank my boyfriend, my family and my work for that. My life is so great at the moment, and to me, it is me finally, genuinely sticking my two fingers up at everybody who has put me down, and said I couldn’t do it!

So bring on the money. Bring on the perks. And bring on the rest of my life, friends, family and boyfriend in toe.

Happiness is a virtue. Spend your time concentrating on you, it feels amazing!

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