New car!

So over the weekend, I took the plunge and finally bought my new car. My beautiful navy KA Lola will always have the most special place in my heart – my first car. My first two and a half years of driving has been spent with Lola. My first road rage, my first motorway – even my first ticket (sorry Lola). But it is now time for Lola to look after my mum. With all the health problems and eye problems mum has, she feels comfortable in Lola and being a small, affordable car, has asked for me to hand my keys over to her. So although I have had to give her away, she’s still in the house and I can still drive her!

So, Good Friday was an extremely Good Friday for me as I went to pick up the keys for the newest addition to the household. My beautiful, very shiny – red Fiat 500! We’d been previously to have a little look at all of the cars but I kept looking at him. He is pretty much identical to the car I have been renting for work but with quite a few added extras. Everyone loves him, and it was lovely going to the car showroom as a family choosing the car. My dad and boyfriend were walking around oggling all of the cars and me and mum were just like; “that’s pretty” and “ooooh that’s shiny“.

So it was there and then, laid down a deposit so nobody else could look at him or drive him. Fiat were awaiting my log book and as as soon as that arrived it was time for me to come and pick up my beautiful car. It was there and then, I named him Bertie!

I have to be honest, my first car was just over a grand, comfortable and my “won’t be too expensive if you scratch it” car. This felt like making a commitment. It is my second car, more expensive (ironically however cheaper to run) and it is a investment. Definitely feel very grown up.

So here is Bertie. He is red, he’s shiny and very beautiful. Feel free to drool 😉


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