Today is Friday! End of the working week and our first day in our lovely new home! So perfect – just me and my gorgeous man enjoying adulthood!

Today we both start work a little later, so we’ve had a lovely chilled out morning watching TV, eating noodles and unpacking everything. It has been so nice just chilling out this morning and just chilling out together. Tonight will consist of a cheeky takeaway, TV and snuggles. Also, more than likely, a lovely hot bubble bath!

How is everybody elses day going? Any excitement? Any big news? Leave me a comment and let me know, I love a good chat about life. Its so interesting listening to the lives that people lead – their lifestyle choices, relationships, mistakes, fixes – everyone is different and its something to be embraced!

I’ll stop rambling on, just in a very chatty mood this afternoon!

Happy hugs to everyone from the office!

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