Moving in day.

Morning everyone. Today is another lovely relaxing morning – then work 1-6pm! So tired from work yesterday, but slept like a baby and I am feeling fresh this morning!

I don’t know if everybody else does this, but like my dad reads the morning paper – I tend to lay in bed (when I’m not at work) for a good half hour and read my iPad. Check my social medias, chuck a blog post out and read the news. I’m turning into my father – which isn’t a bad thing. His the most amazing man!

So in further news, today’s the day! Adulthood least for now!
And I wake up to this tweet..


I bloody love my boyfriend, in the first 5 seconds of waking up he makes me smile. Most nights, it’s just purely because I wake up and his cuddling me, or his getting dressed for work and I feel super cheeky seeing a very sexy topless man walk around the bedroom. Or if I am working a late shift and we just stay at our own places – I wake up to an array of morning texts and sometimes pictures, or tweets.

So if you know us, as we’ve said pop over, have a drink and we can be grown ups and do grown up things like sip wine and discuss the daily workload. Obviously if we don’t know you – without being rude, don’t come over *cheeky face*

I love life. I love my boyfriend. I love my job.
Lucky b*tch right??

Sun is shining, enjoy the day bloggers!

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