Little catch up.

So today I don’t start work until 1, lovely chill out. Unfortunately I have a bit of a headache but hey ho! Duvet morning it is for me!

Had a lovely evening last night – a lovely dinner with mum and dad and then popped over to see Tom’s older cousin’s. Had a lovely catch up and met their new hamster Fizz. Teeny tiny little lady, with the smallest little nose. So cute.

It’s been a good 24 hours! Yesterday went for lunch with mum, got my eyebrows done & had a head massage – very much needed!
Tom had some amazing news which we’re both buzzing about. Not my position to air on my blog what the news is but I am so so proud of him and cannot stop smiling. I have the most hard working, talented boyfriend and every day he makes me so proud. He inspires me, which may sound strange but he does. His amazing and I love being there watching him grow and to finally be appreciated and not taken for granted!

So happy rant over, I shall carry on watching 90210 & enjoying my morning chill! Enjoy your hump day bloggers.

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