Centre Parcs

After ordering a pizza and having a good catch up one evening, we decided to book a spring break to Center Parcs.

The day arrived and we were so excited! Tom and James were the designated drivers and we embarked off in our couples to the beautiful retreat of Elveden Forest, Center Parcs!

I won’t blog a day by day account of our antics, but all I can say is – what an amazing holiday! We even surprised James with a belated surprise birthday party. Dean and Tom took him out to pick us up some dinner and us girls got started on Gok Wan-ning the place. Banners, confetti, inflatables – even a rolling iPad sign on the table that said “Happy Birthday James” – our villa looked fabulous! And thank god it did, after the mission impossible task of getting a birthday cake and party nik naks from the car, into the villa without James knowing!

But what a night! And what a holiday, we had such a laugh. Swimming, crazy golf, table tennis – you name it we did it! We even made friends with security! When our neighbours forgot their manners and rather than asking us to turn the bass on our music down, decided it was a better idea to try and get us into trouble and inform security. Unlucky for them, security found us quite endearing and just told us to turn the music down. It was whilst listening to some 90s cheese, Nicole heard a knock and we all panicked, turned the lights off, and ran away. Dean escaped into the toilet, us girls and James all tumbled in the corner on to the sofa – leaving my poor boyfriend to answer the door, to whom we thought was an axe murderer!! Luckily it was just security – but the whole scenario had us in fits of laughter for the rest of the holiday!

We dined like kings, got drunk in our villa – sat and chatted like a bunch of old codgers. But everything we did was an experience, and everything we did made the holiday great. Yes, even the cycling which I was pants at!


I’d recommend Centre Parcs to anyone that wants to try it. It is an activity holiday, but you only have to join in as much as you want to. I’m not very athletic and I loved every second!

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