Blood, sweat and tears.

This means one thing. Gym!

Today was the first time I have been on my own because my personal trainer, (boyfriend) had work today. So I decided, to have a relaxing evening once I have done dinner – I would do gym before the mammoth shopping trip I am about to have with my gorgeous mum.

Today I chose to work on my core (stomach, muffin top, lower back, etc), and my work out today went something like this..

Warm up on the treadmill (10mins), with power walking and sprints intermittent.

2 sets of..
10 sit ups
20 side sit ups
10 raised leg sit ups

With the 2KG ball, 2 sets of both..
20 ankle to chest
20 seated side to side & touch

Followed by using the 2KG weight for 2 sets of…
20 rocks side to side

Obviously finishing with stretches!

So yes, pretty successful workout. Feeling the positive aches and only took just over half an hour with adequate water breaks and stretches in between – and obviously breaks between sets.

I love the gym, and with a little drum’n bass in my ear while I work out, I have never felt more in control and determined.

Keep fit bloggers!


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