Prague: Valentines and anniversary celebrations.


So it started, at silly o’clock we left the house for Gatwick on 13th February 2013, to begin our big Czech adventure!

When we arrived in Prague around lunchtime, we were lucky to have a transfer take us to the hotel. We were given a 30 minute unexpected ride to really take in Prague. We arrived with a light dusting of snow which looked magical! It’s a beautiful city – and if its the sort of thing that takes your breath away. Give it a whirl.

So, we unpacked, went shopping and enjoyed a chilled romantic stroll by the river followed by dinner and drinks. After a long flight, there is no need to be attacking the tourist lifestyle straight away – chilling with the man you love is enough to take in a beautiful city, moment by moment.

We spent the evening in Old Town Square, exploring the beautiful city, covered in snow. We then went on to have a beautiful dinner at one of the restaurants in the square which had a seating area outside, with an outdoor roof, blankets and heaters. So we snuggled up with cocktails, our beautiful meal – by the heater, under a big thick blanket in -3 degrees feeling very snug.

One of the waiters kept walking around with a small notebook, scissors and glue. Just before our main course arrived – he kept starring over at us. After a few awkward glances, we realised he was starring at me – and when we asked what he was doing he pointed in the opposite direction for me to turn around! It turned out he had been creating a portrait of my silhouette on the black paper he was carrying around- but instead of using a pencil – he was carving it out with scissors! He glued it on white paper and we kept it. He even got my eyelashes in. This is something that I will treasure forever, that will remind me of this special trip.

Our second day fell on Valentines day, which is also our anniversary. My boyfriend had arranged a surprise for me which I was none the wiser of.

We woke up, snuggled in bed for ages and opened our presents. My present was a beautiful bracelet with Swarovski crystals and a beautiful card! We then went down for our buffet breakfast! It was glorious and we ate every last morsel.

After a day of exploring and a lovely lunch – we headed back to the hotel to get scrubbed up for the night ahead. Eyelashes, boofy hair – I was ready!

Little did I know, we were off to one of the most amazing restaurants that Prague has to offer! It was on the roof of one of the most beautiful hotels over looking the city and Prague castle. During the meal, Tom asked what I was up to Saturday afternoon and placed two tickets for Swan Lake on the table. Now if you know me at all, you know that after being a dancer since the age of 3 and sadly having to give it up – it has been my dream to go to a ballet. Emotional isn’t the word.

It was the top trump of Valentines days, and what a way to celebrate our first anniversary!

When you meet someone who fits you like a glove, it just works. We’ve been through a lot together and was under so much stress during the beginning of our relationship, but it only brought us closer. I love him, he loves me – and we have both never been so happy.

The third day started as per Czech-usual, woke up to a beautiful dusting of snow, and plenty of cuddles. We made friends with another English couple over breakfast who were staying at our hotel to go to a gig in Prague. They were absolutely lovely, parents of 2 almost teens, who worked hard and played harder. The woman was quite arty & enjoyed interior design, and her hubby was clearly a talented carpenter (like my dad) but was currently working for the government. It was really interesting meeting them, hearing about their lives and travels. It is one of my favourite things about being in a different country: no matter where you are in the world, you can meet people who may live totally different lives, but you find a common interest.

Things took a rather dizzy turn however as we went up to our room, I had a terrible headache and felt a little wobbly. As we left, we were half way down the road when a migraine took hold of me. I completely lost my balance and was relying completely on Tom keeping me up. He took me back to the hotel, gave me my migraine medication and put me to bed to sleep it off. He then popped to the shop across the road to get me some big bottles of water to keep my hydrated. Drifting between sleep I heard the door open and in came my amazing man with a single red rose. Although unwell, I was blown away.
The afternoon was spent cuddled up, snuggled up and dosed up getting rid of my migraine. By late afternoon/early evening I was starting to feel like myself again. As with any migraine, it never goes in a day but I wasn’t in pain anymore. So we showered, took it nice and slowly, got ready and went for dinner at a lovely restaurant across the road and spent the evening both feeling so happy that we were back on our exploration.

We ate, enjoyed the evening and came back to our room for even more cuddles. Although as a day, we were unable to explore – the upsides were we saved money to have a bigger budget for the final two days and I spent the day in the arms of the man of my dreams.

The next day was spent making up for Migraine-gate. As usual, Tom was amazing, reassuring me that the only concern to him was that I was feeling better, and more importantly feeling up to going out. Which I was, no way was I going to have a Prague-graine two days running, missing out on valuable holiday time. So this was the day where we’d kill a million birds with one stone.

Medieval Torture Museum check
Sex Museum check 
Charles Bridge check
Lunch and Dinner at our favourite restaurant El Toro Negro Prague — fajitas, enchalladas, and the most moist juicy sirloin steak ever to mix with quacamole in a wrap

A day full of amazing exploring, good food and laughter. It was definitely becoming more and more of one of those holidays where you just literally are blown away by the surroundings and the company, especially the company

Our last day had sadly arrived and we were in the mood to carry on exploring! We went for a spot of lunch at another hotel and had the most beautiful Italian meal! After we took a swanky ride to explore, and have a final tour of the beautiful Praha 1!


It literally drove us around the whole city, and the driver was the most helpful and lovely man. He gave us a big furry blanket to snuggle under and just let us enjoy the views and told us about the history of one of the most romantic cities in the whole world!
The one thing I was over the moon about, was that the car smelt beautiful. One thing I cannot stand which as I have got older has become a slight problem… is itchy, smelly blankets. Yes, nobody enjoys snuggling up in smelly blankets. But I literally cannot bare it – to the point where I feel like crying. Anyway, this car was immaculate and I felt so comfortable.

It was the perfect way to round off our trip, making sense of all of the places we had visited, finding out the history, the meaning and even discovering how the architecture in Prague is a reflection of the time and age in which it was built.

But the end of the tour meant the end of our trip. So we made our way back to the hotel, demolished some apple strudl and met the lovely driver who met us at the airport when we arrived.

To my delight and surprise, I opened the door after a very odd walk to the car. Tom and the driver were whispering and chuckling to each other; he then handed Tom a piece of paper and they both smiled.. turned out Tom had arranged for a single red rose to be left in the cab on the way to Prague, but the company forgot. So with alot of apologising via a piece of paper, the most beautiful red rose was placed on my seat.

Prague was the most amazing break. Away from home, basking in the freedom of just being together and enjoying a beautiful country. Going to see Swan Lake must have been the highlight – it was actually a dream come true. It really was the most amazing trip, and what a way to celebrate our first anniversary.

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