It’s just another manic Monday.

Tea. Toast. Blogging. Tv.

What are your plans for today?

So far I have snuggled in bed, blogged, watched TV and had some toast and a cup of tea. I have also been trying to sort out birthday plans for my best friend. I fly out to Prague on the day of her birthday, so I want to make it up to her.

Luxury is the only word I can use to describe not working on a Monday. While the daily twitter trend is morning commuters moaning about the tube, the roads (and today, the snow) – my only tweets I can honestly post are about snuggling beneath the duvet and chilling out.

To be honest, not having work today is a blessing in disguise. I think I have pulled a muscle in my lower abdomen and it is so painful. Been cuddled up with a hot water bottle since last night and it still isn’t helping. Fingers crossed that sorts itself out soon enough.

Today is the first day it has snowed this year. Daybreak was full of news stories about how it is snowing, how it is snowing and also about the chance that it may be “snowing in your area“.
I find our country slightly embarrassing at times – all we do is moan and complain when our weather is never that bad, and economically – any weather damage that we meet, we can afford to fix. Unlike when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans for example. Being told to wrap up warm and to not spend too long outside in the cold is one thing (common sense), but the dramatic advice of not going to work, and how ill you can get is a joke! Other countries laugh at us because all we do is moan and over react. Come on Blighty, sort it out!
– rant over.

So that is about as manic as my Monday is going to get everyone. Fingers crossed your having a good day, and your Monday isn’t feeling manic.

Enjoy the snow and wrap up warm.

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