Graft for your goals!

Today has been unreal. After very little sleep drifting in and out of the Super Bowl last night – I had to be in work for half past 7 this morning, ouch! Not only this, but we had the Department of Health (the big boys) in the office, to test our final processes before ticking us off fully to proceed to go live and begin our soft launch. In a nutshell, they chose me and a few others to be tested to show the Department of Health our processes, how we work and I suppose the calibre of work that we create.

So no pressure right?

Being really new to it myself, it felt slightly daunting being tested along side people that have worked in the company for a lot longer than myself. Being the newbie I wanted to make the best impression and prove to my bosses, fellow colleagues and the Department of Health that I’m a worthy candidate for the company and that with hard work, determination and skill hopefully one day they will consider me for promotions, etc.

So I woke up, put on a lovely navy blouse with a white collar with leggings and a beige blazer. Teamed it up with my Topshop black velvet and gold stud pumps and was ready to face the testing head on and win!

I was first to be tested – and it went great. I felt good about it, plus all of my managers and the Department of Health seemed really happy too! Phase one – complete…

…Phase two? I passed! And after another test for one of the other guys – we passed the Department of Healths final assessment and we are ready to soft launch tomorrow, midday.

I am over the moon. Although I am not the chief exec, or even a service manager – I am part of the team that has worked blood, sweat and tears and endured hours of training to get to this day – and it feels amazing. Not only to pass, but to be part of it!

This may sound corny, but I absolutely love my job. I feel so ambitious towards it and want to work hard to maybe one day get that promotion, or receive that appreciation.

Every little helps I guess when you work hard, and play harder!

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