Weekender non-bender.

So there is always that weekend where you just need to chill out. Things are work are amazing but we’re in the process of launching a new service for the NHS so everyone is on tender hooks and awaiting assessment after assessment, and Friday being the final D day – it is the final hog! So after being in a tense office all week, it has been one of them weekend’s where relaxation is needed. All I have done today is sit in my pj’s and cuddle my boyfriend whilst watching tv. The only movement we have experienced is some cheeky kisses and cuddles, baths and soon to be off to our friends for a takeaway and catch up. Ultimate relax. What has your weekend consisted of? Has it been a non-stop binge of fun or has it been a chilled one? Lets get discussing guys? No two weekends are ever the same! I look forward to tomorrow’s additional pj wearing escapades and roast dinner.

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