Appreciating more than the little things in life.

So as you know, since November last year, I got my new job with a Healthcare Contractor – after vigorous assessments, testing and audits – I have happily secured my job and I am very proud to say my managers are really pleased with me. But in the meantime of planting myself one very cooshty job; my parents and my boyfriend have been there for me, supporting me. Whether it has been them lending me a few quid, or treating me to lunch – they have honestly kept me afloat until I found my feet. So yesterday, the plan was to take all three of them out for a meal to say a big thank you for everything. But unfortunately, with the different health set backs that mum has, she was poorly so we had to cancel the meal. However, yesterday I was paid a day early (heyyy dollar dollar), so I decided if we couldn’t go out for a meal, I would bring a meal to them. After work, I bought all of the essentials and cooked up a culinary feast. We started with garlic and chilli cheesy mushrooms with garlic pitta bread. Our main, was sirloin steaks (marinated with balsamic vinegar, sage and garlic), asparagus, a giant mushroom and partly roasted baby potatoes. For dessert, we intended to tuck into a raspberry swirl cheesecake – however everyone had a sit down after our mains, we all fell asleep & forgot to eat dessert. So our cheesecake awaits for us, when we fancy a temptress of a creamy treat. The meal was a huge hit. Everyone enjoyed it and I am still being thanked and told “how lovely” the meal was, today! I intended to take photos of the meal to show you, but we were all so hungry – it slipped my mind. But, I promise – it tasted good, if I do say so myself! I really am a very lucky girl to have such loving parents, and a boyfriend who is my support, my rock, my best friend and my soulmate. It’s only a tiny thank you in comparison to what they do for me. But they appreciated it, and I completely and wholly appreciate them – more than they will ever know. So treat your loved ones, it feels good!

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