Mahaff Gaff.

Normally I see blog posts where people are moaning about their parents and going on about how “annoying” they are and how they nag. I live with my mum and dad still, and at 21; having three adults in one house (four if you include my boyfriend who stays here every other night), it can be crowded with opinions and preferences. We sometimes bicker, disagree on the way the house should be styled and sometimes all want different things for dinner – but their my parents.

I thank myself lucky to have my mum and dad. Many don’t, many people my age have parents who are divorced, some are just separated, some have absent fathers or mothers and others sadly have parents who have passed. I suppose you could class me as the “cereal box family” (people who have studied sociology will know what I mean) – me, mum, dad and dog. Just us 3 (and dog) and that’s the way I like it.

My parents are a little older than other parents with kids my age, they were told they were unable to have children, then when they reached their 40s, thinking a chilled out life was on the horizon – I came along.

I think the mixture of being an only child and my parents being older makes me really appreciate them. As I get older I become more protective (sometimes to my mum’s dismay). I would kill for my mum and dad and would never let a day go past without letting them know I love them and kissing them good morning, good night or just thank you.

Being an only child has also made our relationship a lot stronger than some. I have no brothers or sisters to lean on for support or advice – so that’s where my parents come in. Although they may be the slightly more mature of parents, they can talk to me like we are all 21 discussing anything, and I literally mean anything.

My dad is my rock. His solid, calm, intelligent, gentle, kind and caring. His my hero. He never shouts, never exaggerates or becomes dramatic. His the man that keeps me grounded. I am very proud to say that as I get older, I seem to be becoming more like him. Laid back and chilled. His my world and he is the one person in my head who can do anything.

Mum. Mum is my sister, best friend, mum, counsellor all in one. She is a major part of my life, she’s there through everything. From boys to friends to work. She wipes my tears and always gives me the motherly advice of “your better than this”. She is my rock. She is a tough cookie on the exterior but she is very vulnerable when it’s just us. The older I get, the more she confides in me and I am glad she does. I would kill for my parents and I will always be there protecting them and standing by them.

I do think that a lot of people take their parents for granted, and no doubt I do sometimes. But I love them, cherish them and won’t ever be able to repay them for everything they do for me.

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