London: the city on my door step.

During university, one of our assignments was to make a travelogue – basically a written piece about our favourite city. It made sense to me to use our capital to create my work, as it is on the door step and its an excuse to have a mooch down London. Luckily my best friend in the whole world, Tom (now my boyfriend) felt the same so last year we spent the day, and most of the evening, down the city. We went for a long walk, had a good chat, a giggle (as always), dinner and a drink.

We decided to tear ourselves away from Christmas trees and Essex to enjoy the wonderful city, that is just a thirty minute tube ride away!

A lovely fresh winter walk. Buckingham Palace – of course we popped into see Liz for a cup of tea. Down the Mall. Across the Embankment. Tate Modern. Pub Dinner.

As you can see from my list, we had a busy afternoon/evening. It was perfection. Sharing the city with your best friend and love of your life is amazing. Every second feels perfect and everything is made a million times more romantic – which is crazy when you consider how romantic London is. Especially at night, lit up, fresh breezes brushing across your face.

It’s always something lovely to do, and nothing can beat the buzz of the city.

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