Christmas, a new year and the perfect life.

Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy new year!

Hope everyone had a magical time. I spent Christmas Day with my boyfriends family and then on boxing day, we had our second christmas with my family – new traditions.

Christmas is all about family. Keeping to old traditions and creating new ones. This is the first year I have not spent Christmas Day with my family, and while it felt a little odd leaving the house, my boyfriends family made me feel part of the family and made me realise how I in fact have two families now and that makes me a very lucky girl.

It was also our first Christmas – as a couple. To tell you the truth, since I have known him, a Christmas hasn’t gone by when we haven’t spoken, exchanged Christmas wishes and ranted about eating too much. But this one was special as we are now a couple, and very much in love. He makes me so happy, and Christmas was not any different. We exchanged presents, cards and kisses and spent time celebrating our first Christmas, just us two. It was perfect, in every way possible.

Boxing day, my mum did a lovely Christmas dinner for my family, and we all sat round the table pulling crackers (whilst sharing the terrible jokes and nik naks you get inside), eating loads whilst finally cracking open my first bottle of Moët from my 21st birthday.

New year was spent dancing the night away at Navajo Joes in Covent Garden. Despite the somewhat rocky and wet trek home we had a wonderful night! But a word of advice, London on new years eve is rammed with everyone trying to use the 24 hour tube, when half of the tube stations have been closed. But don’t let it ruin your celebration, take a shot of something strong and enjoy it for what it is – Londoners celebrating together.

I can honestly say this has been the first Christmas I have been excited for since I was a little girl, and it didn’t disappoint. My boyfriend made it everything it should be and more, and I love him for that.

All I can say is, roll on 2013 and here’s to a perfect life!

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