Back to school.

Nothing beats the feeling of breaking up from school before the christmas holidays. Half day, relaxed day and plenty of giggles. Well breaking up from work last christmas was exactly the same! We had a half day, loads of sweets and chocolate in the office, followed by a well deserved break before returning to work today.

Just thought I would blog about that feeling when you leave work after having a lovely day. People at my work are amazing, I love them all in their own separate ways from mother figures, to the people who you can see being your friends for years. We got in at 9, had a good catch up and then began some training at 10. Worked through till 1, then left an hour early at 4.

So on the whole a pretty good day. Also, wore a new pepulum top for work, so there is always that addition to your good mood when your wearing something new.

So yes, January blues? What January blues? I absolutely love my job and the people that work there.

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