Amsterdam: Birds, beer and bong.

My boyfriend and I started our travels last year after finishing university and flew out to Amsterdam in May 2012. It was amazing. It was ridiculously romantic, full of beautiful sights and very much intoxicated!

The flight is so cheap, and so short it really is a no-brainer if you are looking to experience a new place or get away from wherever. The locals are so friendly and there is a million and one things to do. Travel is simple, trams or walk. Pretty much everything is in within walking distance obviously depending on where you are staying.

Drinks are double quantity, if your asking for a single and a mixer, it will be the English equivalent of a double. The Dutch way of serving drinks is very generous or us Brits are incredibly stingey.

There’s a million and one places to go. While we were out there, we went to a variety of bars and restaurants – all fairly priced. The Heineken Expo, Anne Frank Museum, Ice Bar, Canal Boat Ride (which you can catch after the Heineken expo, to the Heineken shop), the Sex Museum – and that was only a three day visit!

I strongly recommend Dam, it’s a beautiful city which everyone needs to experience. I cannot wait to go back…

And it isn’t all just weed & naked women in shop windows.

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